Essentials For Every Writer

A small list of a few essentials I’ve needed as a writer:

1. Coffee

Or tea. Or whatever gets you started in the morning.

2. Breakfast

Please don’t miss the most important meal of the day. You won’t be able to focus on writing if you’re starving.

3. Pages

The only thing that exists for a writer is the page. I can't fully explain the relationship a writer has with the page, but it's unlike any other experience I've had. When you're writing, it's you, you're thoughts, and a blank page staring at you as though you're not up for the challenge. But every writer is. The more you fill the page, the more you have to edit and find the more significant thing you're writing.


4. A Good Drink

After a day of writing, you need a good drink. It could be bourbon, or strong black tea, or whatever you prefer. The ritual of sitting alone or together with friends and family having a drink in hand is something I enjoy with after a long day of writing. It doesn't have to be a drink. It could be a walk around the neighborhood, or dinner somewhere new, or time binge-watching something on TV with your love. Find your ritual whatever it may be. Every writer needs a way to decompress and connect back to the world after being with the page all day.

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