House & Home

It’s been a year of a lot of change. I expected this year to be a lot different and wanted to tackle a few bigger things like writing a book, but things took a turn at the beginning of the year and set me on a path of, “out with the old and in with the new.” Part of the new was adding a few new things to my place.

I started collecting wine (V bougie and douchey of me, I know), got some plants to take care of, and added new art around my living room. I also found a vintage deer head on Etsy to hang up that gives my small apartment a touch of life and makes things a little wilder.

Here are a few pics from around my place, with some of the changes I’ve made and some of the things that have stayed the same, much like my life.

IMG_3406 - Edit 1.JPG
IMG_3304 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3326 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3459 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3497 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3290 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3667 Edit.JPG
IMG_3715 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3622 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3313 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3651 - Edit.JPG
IMG_3318 - Edit.JPG