Confession: Lines from Movies I Want To Quote All the Time But Don't Because of My Age

"There is nothing going on between Sam...Mr. Coulson and me." - Never Been Kissed 

"He'll keep calling me, he'll keep calling me until I come over. He'll make me feel guilty. This is uh...This is ridiculous, ok I'll go, I'll go, I'll go I'll go, I'll go." - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

"Oh my god, I love Josh!" - Clueless

"Am I right or am I right? Or am I right? Am I right?" - Groundhog Day

"Damn it Neil, the name is Nuwanda." - Dead Poet's Society

"I'm gunna go next door and get my Casio." - 13 Going on 30

Social Media Stresses Me Out and Why Is Everyone Acting So Cool About It?

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Sometimes it feels like the ex-boyfriend in my life I can't get over. I need to hurry up and realize we're supposed to be together but of course I'm too late. With social media I'm always too late. I've created countless blogs, deleted all my tweets and started more Facebook accounts than I can count. I've gained and lost followers, friended people, been unfriended and deactivated everything so much so that I'm now on Facebook's watch list. (Just kidding, that's not a thing.) I'm proud to say I now only post to this blog, have one Twitter account and I'm rebuilding my life on Facebook. It takes time Mark Zuckerberg, it takes time. (Wink.)

Some people are great at using social media to post updates about their life. They have quality photos, post interesting statuses and keep their friends in the loop about where they're at and what they're doing. I have to say that I don't always want to tell you what I'm doing. I'm radio silent most of the time and hesitant more than I should be because of that one friend that's not really your friend liking every photo, commenting on every status update and retweeting your life like it's going out of style. I'd like to believe my life is going in style for once and I would appreciate it if everyone could please get on board with this.

When I'm not posting/unposting, the thing I am the worst about with social media is untagging photos on Facebook. It's such a bad habit that in college a guy I knew started a Facebook group called "The Official Petition Against The Pictorial Untagging of Kimberly Bozeman by Kimberly Bozeman" and it gained 95 members in less than two minutes. I reported him to Facebook and he got kicked off for an entire week. I'm not too terrible about untagging photos now and I try to post on Instagram when I can. If I'm terrible about one thing it's hashtags because they stress me out. #isthisreallynecessary #allthewordsruntogetherandihavetodoadoubletake

Confession: Television Shows I've Binge Watched

True Blood: I didn't have HBO Go at the time I watched this and was forced to rent the series from this place up the street from where I lived called Hastings. They didn't have all the disks to the seasons and I've only seen 49% of the series. I may or may not act like I've seen all of it.

Dawson's Creek: I don't want to wait, let's play another episode

Mad Men: This is probably one of my favorite shows. I was completely hooked after I pressed play on the first episode and loved it so much I watched it three more times before moving on to the second episode.

Chuck: I only watched seasons 1-3. I got bored when Chuck and Sarah got together.

Sex and The City: Hasn't everyone?

The OC: In college I randomly found a bunch of copies of the first season under my car in a record store parking lot one night and didn't know what to do so I gave them to all my friends. It was during finals and I am 100% responsible for my friend Derek failing his tests due to spending his time watching every episode instead of studying.

Miranda: This is my favorite British sitcom and unfortunately you can't find it anywhere in the states.


Confession: Songs I've Listened to on Repeat for Three Weeks Straight That I'm Not Proud Of

Some people get stuck on artists or bands and will have a love affair with their entire collection of music. They know everything about the artist and memorize all the details of their music. I know nothing about the artist, forget every detail and get stuck on one song that I will give my undying devotion to on repeat for three weeks. These are a few songs I’m not proud of shamelessly loving over and over again for 21 days in a row:

Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus: We all put our hands up when they're playing our song and one of mine happens to be by Miley Cyrus.

Clarity - John Mayer: I went through a huge John Mayer phase in my early twenties. My only defense what that it was during college. My failing offense is that I still listen to him.

It's All Coming Back to me Now - Celine Dion: I don't know, it just happened.

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke: Hey, hey, hey, like you haven't had your fingers crossed for this song to play on the radio during your drive to work.

Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez & the Scene: I'm sorry, I have no excuse.

Misery - Maroon 5: The beat takes over and I take it to the dance floor AKA my entire studio apartment. Thanks, Adam Levine.

Katie Perry: Her songs are catchy and at any given moment I can listen to her music. Anything. everything, all the time, always.

Standing Still - Jewel: I heard someone play a cover of this at a show and it suddenly ended up on every playlist in my phone.

Treasure - Bruno Mars: Please don't play this. I will sing along. I know all the words.

A Few Reasons Why I'm Not Cut Out For Blogging

I love blogging. It's one of my favorite things to do and if I ever work on a new idea there's usually a blog involved. The only problem with blogging is that I'm not cut out for it. I don't have any DIY enthusiasm, I'm not a graphic designer and I'm the least crafty of all my friends. Not only am I not crafty, I'm also not one to plan an in-store event or share recipes with followers of different meals I eat during the week. I don't take the best pictures and I curse too much to be a role model that empowers young women to find themselves while doing yoga or a juice cleanse. I don't juice cleanse, but I do start blogs.

Here are a few of my many (failed) attempts at blogging:

For Sandwich Sake - This was going to be a food blog turned food truck. It only turned into a tumblr.

Love Letters Daily - I don't have enough time or a decent camera to take photos for this.

Felicity's Hair - During an interview with Keri Russell on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon said that Felicity's hair should be a twitter account. This was my attempt to make that happen.

Whiskey Diaries - I can't get into whiskey. No matter how many times I order it at the bar I never feel like Don Draper. While on a mission to find a whiskey drink I like I thought starting an Instagram account would help. It didn't.

Felicity's Hair 2.0 - Not only did I start a twitter account, I created a website of Felicity's hair on different things. I had a lot of free time on my hands at one point and it usually led to making decisions like this.